Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Going to Dr. Grodberg's office tomorrow

Today was normal for me. Tomorrow however I'm going to see my doctor. He's my talking doctor, i.e therapist. Any way I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I haven't seen him in a while. I'm supposed to see him once a month, so he can check on how things have been going for me in my dull almost uneventful life. I actually mean the dull and uneventful life thing. Nothing has been going on lately, except the fact my B-day is coming in a few short days!! :) I hope it will be one of the best B-days that I've had. ( Besides the one I had last year at my old school AMAC.) You see my life, at the time I was going to that disgusting dump AMAC had been very eventful. Almost everyday had some sort of problem. And all of these problems had to do with me!! Yup that's right you heard the dictator, me! But all these problems happened not because I caused them. It's due to the fact that the stupid fucking asshole teachers didn't understand me. They didn't know anything about my problems. However. How I got into the school in the first place was that I had had another problem in the old school I was going too. The kids on the bus were beating me up everyday. Oh and by the way I was only 9 at the time!! But why had they been beating me up? Because they were jealous of me. That's right you heard me, jealous. The school wasn't the problem though I actually liked the school and I had alot of friends there. The only thing that was wrong was the bus. Now I can't go into the whole story now because I'm tired but I will someday in the mean time enjoy what's here.

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