Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is a Ebony Jewel wing damselfly! That's what I chose for my user pic because it's so pretty! I've seen damselflies before but I've never seen one of these in person. Hopefully I'll see one when I go to camp! And then I'll take a nice picture of it and post it on my two blogs and, make every one envy me! :)
This beauty is an Ailanthus Web Worm Moth. I found one of these on the window of my balcony. At the time I didn't know what kind of moth it was. But I liked it alot and I wanted to know what species it was, so when I went back inside my apartment I did a google search for moths and I came across this photo telling me that it was an Ailanthus Web Worm Moth ( Atteva Punctella ). I don't know too much about these kind of moths. But I'm going to look up some info on them and see what I can find. In the mean time here's another one.

Please note that these two photos I got from the web. Hopefully soon I'll get some of my own photos up here from camp.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Went To Dr. Grodberg's Yesterday!

Yesterday I went to Dr. Groberg's. We talked about the recent things that's been happening in my ( currently at the moment ) boring life. I showed him my other blog and he read some of the entries that were clearly indicating my life has gone down some one's ass. Then he told my mom that he's going to arrange for me to see him once a week until I go to camp! I'm looking forward to that. Then my mom and I went home and I stayed out side for a bit singing Selena songs and looking for bugs. I didn't see any butterflies yet. But I did see the following:

2 leaf hopper nymphs
2 wasp
1 wasp or black carpenter bee, or a beetle. ( Not too sure on what it was though. It was flying. ) So I finally get to go outside again! I hope I can go out again really really soon!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Got More Hermit Crabs!

Today I got more hermit crabs and they're soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Today I got mail! It was from a book about biology. I got a book about insects and spiders. This where my mom also gets my hermit crabs. The tutor couldn't come today because they had a meeting at the school where she works.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm not too sure if today was "eventful ". If you count getting my hair relaxed and seeing the tutor again as eventful then the day was eventful. I also found out that the tutor is coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Got to see the tutor again

Today the tutor came again and we did some things on writing and math. It was easy. Other then that nothing happened today. I also sang to her again! Then my mom talked with her for a bit and then she left. She's coming again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this too.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I wouldn't really call this "news" but my mom was talking to Dr. Grodberg today and she told me I would be seeing him again on the 19th. It's been over 2 months since I last saw him! I should really be seeing him once a month to see how I'm doing. I'm looking forward to talking to him. Too bad that we only have 45min sessions! How am I supposed to make up for 2 sessions? In other words how is he supposed to make up for 2 sessions? One way or another those 2 sessions better be made up. I don't care how it's done I want the time for the made up sessions. And when I see him it better be a nice long make up session for the two that I missed, or some one's going to die......

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

06-06-06! Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ടുഡേ വാസ് ലക്കി ഫോര് മി ഉണ്ടില് എ ഫെവ് മിനുറെസ് ആഗോ വ്തെന് ഐ ബെകാമേ പോസ്സേസ്സെദ് ബൈ സടിന്! ഐ നോ ഐ ദിട്ന്'ടി എവെന് ഫീല് ഇറ്റ് അറ്റ് ഓള് തനക് ദ ലോര്ദ്! വെയിറ്റ്....................ഐ ദിദ് ഫീല് ഇറ്റ് ദ ഫസ്റ്റ് ടൈം! എനി വി അദര് തേന് ദാറ്റ് ദ ഡേ വെന്ട്ട് വെല്! ഓഹ ഗോഡ്, സടിന് ഹാസ് എ മെസ്സേജ് ഫോര് തോസ് വ്ഹോ റീഡ് ദിസ് പോസ്റ്റ്!:

ദിസ് ഈസ് യൌര് ബെലോവേദ് സടിന് സ്പീകിന്ഗ്. ടുഡേ ഈസ് മൈ ബിര്ത്ടായ്! ഐ വാണ്ട് യു ടോ ഓള് സിലെബ്രറെ ബൈ ദൊഇന്ഗ് മൈ എവില് ബിദ്ദിംഗ്'സ.......ഐ ഷാള് നോ ഇഫ് യു'റീ നോട്ട്. ഐ ഷാള് ട്രാക്ക് യു ടോവ്ന് ഫ്രം ഹെല്ല് ആന്ഡ് ഗെറ്റ് മൈ ബെലോവേദ് അങ്ങേല്സ് ടോ ശോവേ പിനീപ്പ്ലെസ് കവര് വിത്ത് ബ്ലഡ് അപ് യൌര് ആസ് ഇഫ് യു ഡോണ്'ടി ഡോ ദ ഫോല്ലോവിന്ഗ്:

൧. ഗെറ്റ് രേവേങ്ങെ ഓണ് സോമേ ഓനെ വ്ഹോ ഹാസ് അസ്സൌല്റെദ് യു ഇന് എനി വി ഓര് സ്റോലെ യൌര് ഹുസ്ബന്ദ് ഓര് ദിദ് ആന് ആക്ട് ഓഫ് എവില് വിതൌട്ട് മൈ കമാന്ഡ് ആന്ഡ് കില് തെം ഇന് ദ മോസ്റ്റ് പൈന്ഫുല് വി യു കാന് തിന്ക് ഓഫ്.....

൨. ഒന്ചെ യു'വേ കില്ലെദ് തെം ടേക്ക് തെഇര് ബോടീസ് ആന്ഡ് പുഷ് തെം ടോവ്ന് ദ റിവര്. ഐ'ലല് വില് ബി അറ്റ് ദ ബോട്ടോം വൈടിന്ഗ് ടോ ടേക്ക് തെം ഇന്തോ മൈ ലിര്....

൩. ആന്ഡ് ഫോര് നൊവ് ദാറ്റ്'സ ഇറ്റ് ബട്ട് മാര്ക്ക് മൈ വോര്ദ്സ് തീരെ വില് ബി മോര് വയസ് ടോ ഗെറ്റ് രേവേങ്ങെ,
ഐ വിഷ് യു ലക്ക്,


Monday, June 05, 2006

New Tutor is coming today!

Well, it's almost time for the tutor to get here. I do hope that everything goes well. I don't know why I'm looking forward to it but anyway at least I'll get some reasonable education for a change. Being home for over 2 months and not getting a proper education is very worry some for me. Because I like to learn but I want to learn in an appropriate setting in a classroom with out any assholes making noise and bothering me every minute of the day. Any way I'll update this post after the tutor leaves.

Update: My mom talked with the tutor ( who is very nice! ) and I also sang Selena Dreaming Of You for her. It was alot of fun to meet her. She said she's coming again next Monday with some stuff to help me with my math. I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mom Found a Tutor!

Earlier today my mom was on the phone and when she was finished she told me that she had gotten a tutor for me! ( This is until my mom finds a decent school for me. ) She's coming on Monday between 5:00pm-6:00pm. I can't wait! Thank you God!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Talked To Sara Again

Today I got to talk to one of my friends from camp! It was good hearing from her again.