Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Went To Dr. Grodberg's Yesterday!

Yesterday I went to Dr. Groberg's. We talked about the recent things that's been happening in my ( currently at the moment ) boring life. I showed him my other blog and he read some of the entries that were clearly indicating my life has gone down some one's ass. Then he told my mom that he's going to arrange for me to see him once a week until I go to camp! I'm looking forward to that. Then my mom and I went home and I stayed out side for a bit singing Selena songs and looking for bugs. I didn't see any butterflies yet. But I did see the following:

2 leaf hopper nymphs
2 wasp
1 wasp or black carpenter bee, or a beetle. ( Not too sure on what it was though. It was flying. ) So I finally get to go outside again! I hope I can go out again really really soon!

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