Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is a Ebony Jewel wing damselfly! That's what I chose for my user pic because it's so pretty! I've seen damselflies before but I've never seen one of these in person. Hopefully I'll see one when I go to camp! And then I'll take a nice picture of it and post it on my two blogs and, make every one envy me! :)
This beauty is an Ailanthus Web Worm Moth. I found one of these on the window of my balcony. At the time I didn't know what kind of moth it was. But I liked it alot and I wanted to know what species it was, so when I went back inside my apartment I did a google search for moths and I came across this photo telling me that it was an Ailanthus Web Worm Moth ( Atteva Punctella ). I don't know too much about these kind of moths. But I'm going to look up some info on them and see what I can find. In the mean time here's another one.

Please note that these two photos I got from the web. Hopefully soon I'll get some of my own photos up here from camp.


BlueberryWolf said...

Nice moth shot.

You asked me to join, well I actually am a member there. I am LunarEagle.

BlueberryWolf said...

I looked you up there. It looks liek you have 2 user names.

Brittanie said...

Blueberrywolf: Really? That's cool!