Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Invasion Of The Flies

Today my house was invaded by flies! Fruit Flies to be exact. I was shocked this morning when my mom told me that 2-3 flies were flying around the Venus Fly Trap she bought! Gee, that was awkward! And the next thing is the fact my mom hates insects. She only fancies butterflies and lady bugs and she wouldn't kill them if the made their way into the house. But every other insect or spider that made their way into our house she kills. MUDERER! Any way I still love her even though she's just been convicted of murder! :) Any way back to the flies the invasion started last night when I found one in the bathroom. At first I thought it was nothing because we get fruit flies every time she buys fruit. But we never got this many! Next thing you know they'll be laying down giving birth to over 100 babies! ( See Picture on the side of two Fruit Flies ( Euaresta Bella ) getting nasty! )

Note: The bigger fly is the female!
And the next thing you'll hear is the flies talking about how they're going to take over the house: "Hee hee hee! We just invaded Brittanie's house and now we're making wonderful chaotic plans on how to take over the house! Then we're going to lay down and make babies!" Any way today was very interesting!

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