Sunday, July 16, 2006


Today is my Mimi's birthday! So I would like to wish her a very happy b-day! For those of who don't know I like to call my mommy mimi. So I'm glad that who ever reads this now knows who I'm talking about when mimi come up in one of my post on this wonderful blog! :)

Today I also got mail from Connie! She sent me 3 GIANT FUZZZY WUZZY BALLS! YAY! :) ( 2 orange and one yellow ). And later on me and my wonderful mimi are going to engorge ourselves with cake and ice cream! ( Yes please do envy us! )

Also I'm going to continue helping my mimi with writing my name on my clothes for camp, as we only have 4 days left! ( :: Does happy dance in the middle of the living room! :: ) And I'll update this post if anything else happens during the day.

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