Thursday, August 24, 2006


Here are some things you should know about before I post the questions, I'm very annoyed right now.


1. Have you ever been stalked online?

Answer: Yes I have. I've been stalked online by Khang, a member of the ZBB. I think he needs to stop this RIGHT NOW, or some one will make him! I've also have started being stalked by another member of the ZBB who's nick name is Berek. Also I think he needs to stop following in the foot steps of Khang.

2. Are you a member of the wonderful ZBB?

Answer: Yes.

3. Why are you annoyed?

Answer: Because, of alot of things that's been going on in my life. Some of them almost so gruesome it would give you nightmares for 2 years! One of them is the fact that I just left the hospital not too long ago and I'm still pissed of about that. It was hell in there.

4. Have any good things happened to you over the last few days?

Answer: Yes. My mom gave me 2 gel pens yesterday, and she also told me that I can earn them everyday. ( I like pens alot and I like to collect them so for me this is like getting a block of gold every day. )

So those are just some of things I felt like posting in an interview kind of way. So in the mean time good day and good afternoon.

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