Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Eggies! ^^

I got Easter Eggs and a bunch of other goodies for me. The eggs were filled with candy when I bought them. I gave my mom all of the chocolate kisses they had inside them with a note that I wrote saying "Lots of hugs and kisses" since she likes them. And these are all the goodies that I got today besides the easter eggs.

I went to the clinic too. It went pretty good with only one tiny crack in it. Thank the lord that it didn't cave in. I took a nap after I ate a snack and watched some TV. I didn't know I was that tired because I slept sooooooooo deeply and I had a dream too which was a weird one. Nothing bad in it though. And my legs hurt ( I guess that's from all the walking I did today ) and I'm still tired. =)