Friday, August 24, 2007

Diary Entries

Diary Entries from camp are coming soon. I just wanted to make that clear. It really doesn't matter what order I put them in but I'm doing it from day 1 so to speak. Did I go to the clinic today? Nope! YAY! And the reason for that is because of what happened at night yesterday and during the afternoon at some point.

I encountered 3 problems with fucking ass babies from hell on TV and the 3 problem being the last and the worst because I flipped out again! Fuck them! Fuck them all!..... And here's a message from me to them ( I doubt that you'll be able to read it though):

/://\/\/:\ \/.\ /\ /.\ /-/ / \:\ / /.\ /\: \ ||. || /- /-/ /-/ \/\ /- \.......