Friday, December 01, 2006

La La

Wow! You won't believe what happened to me today that scared the living sh** out of me. I woke up feeling fine and awake ( for the first time since I've gotten the tutor ) and then these cramps come in from out of no where. It wasn't as bad at first but when I got dressed, washed up, and put on clean clothes and sat down on the computer checking my emails that's when it got really really BAD! And I got really scared too! Duh!

Any way I told my mom every time it started getting worse and she got nervous too. Although she wasn't as nervous as me I know because I was REALLY nervous. And then this thought came to me. "What if my period is on it's way?" This is the part where my legs started shaking. I don't like my periods. And I was a heavy bleeder and that made it worse for me.

It scared the living crap out of me. I never liked blood in the first place but periods, TO HELL WITH THEM! Any way when it got really out of hand my mom took me to the clinic and I started going on birth control shots ( no they don't alot because they do near your butt where there's alot of fat ). Every 3 months you go and get one. God bless them.

They do have side effects. All medicine does. What would you expect from a pill with no side effects and it works to "fix" your problems? NOTHING BUT HAPPINESS! But what about other people? How would it effect them? Every body's body is different. Ok so the inside organs are the same but people have disorders and other things that come from HELL ( in my opinion no one should suffer at all only the people who've done really horrible things to other people should suffer )!

Any way one of the side effects from the medicine is breakthrough bleeding. It's like mini period with like a table spoon you know what on you undies. I got it at camp. It wasn't that bad. It comes with cramps too. So that's what I was thinking that my period was on it's was because it's been 3 months.

This is the start of the 3rd month so I was thinking about what I just told you. So my mom told me that she's taking me to the clinic on Monday to get the shot. So aren't you going to ask me how my day despite my stomach killing me? It was good. I only did one thing with my tutor today because of the horrible pain from HELL! So that was good. Then I got to lay down and get some sleep.

I'm looking for ward to seeing Kerry on Sunday! =)

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