Monday, September 24, 2007

YAY! New Pens!

My mom gave me a pack of new Uni-ball pens! YAY and they're so pretty. She has more of different brands that I had picked out sometime ago from a Staples Magazine and I'll get more.....mwahahaha! XD I know I'm spoiled.....and I love it! XD

Today was nice. I found another remix to "여자이니까" by K.I.S.S. and kicks ass! Also these are the colors that the gell pens that my mom gave me come in:

*Blue ( regular )


*Green ( regular I think haven't tried them yet )




*Blue Black ( This one is one of my favorites. I know because I had another one that was seperate and it ran out of ink not too long ago )


Also tomorrow I'm going to see my therapist and I'm hoping that no problems arouse before I get there like they did the last time because I don't want to go there all upset and everything. I also got an email from Moet! Wheeeeeeee! She added me to her Myspace and I did the same.

Thank God for this day and the fact that she finally got the internet hooked up! lol