Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Long Stressful Daaaaaaaay

Kill me please! You know if my mother makes me do another 2 hour lesson tomorrow I think I'll actually try and jump out of the window? I mean why? Why can't tutor at least make the lessons fun? Do I have to crack jokes in between every single time just to make it a bit more enjoyable? It's really getting to me now.

And my mother has the nerve to say "It's a new year with different rules." blah blah BLAH! Also she's working on getting another plan for me and another IEP what ever the hell that stands for. Pretty much if I have to go through another lesson where at parts I get stressed out I'll die. Oh and remember the thing I told you about where they take the students out once a month?

Well my tutor said that they don't have the money! This is the Board Of Education we're talking about! They're supposed to have the money! Damn! And the bad thing is Kerry is going back to Germany sometime in February and I have to wait until September when she comes home and is able to take me out again.

How am I supposed survive not being able to go out and enjoy myself until camp? Huh? Why don't you ask that question?

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