Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Events Events and More Events!! :)

For the last couple of days I have had events that I'm really thankful for. The only event that I'm not to happy about is the fact that my mom sent me back to school in a new classroom. I still have my para both on the bus and in the classroom. My first day back was yesterday. I'm no longer in Nakashima's class, which is good because she's an insensitive bore! (ahahahaha!) My new teacher is Mr. Phoenix. So far he seems pretty nice. I stayed home today because I didn't feel well. Yesterday was a test run to see what will happen if I go back to school. My mom said that if anything bad happens during the week she'll won't send me back. First of all I don't even like the idea. But for some reason I went anyway. ( The reason that I went yesterday is because my mom gave me $13.00!) Also I got a B-Day card from one of my neighbors with $10.00 inside!! On Sunday I went shopping with Kerry! We went out for pizza and then I bought the following things:
1 pack of pens
1 pack of jelly bean shaped Easter eggs!! :) :)
1 pack of ruby red glass beads! :) :)
1 pack of Doritos
Now today I got B-Day presents from my mom's best friend Teresa!! She sent me the following things:
2 book on insects and spiders! :) :)
A box of butterfly hair clips
She also sent my mom's X-mas presents too. I had a very good day today. I hope that tomorrow will be good in school.

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