Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My morning was absolute hell. Is it possible to want to kill yourself over OCD? I think so because it's making me go insane. And it's not only driving me crazy it's driving my mom crazy too. Another morning wasted to death over stupid OCD.

I'm telling you I really can't stand existing if I'm going to drive people crazy over my problems. And there's no one to help me because my mom doesn't know what to do and my therapist is a complete jackass! Lord could you do me a few favors?

1. Could you please kill my therapist because his existence isn't helping anybody. I mean he doesn't even think that I have OCD, because he thinks he knows more then all the doctors that got together to figure out what was wrong with me 10 years ago.

Because he thinks he knows everything when that worthless son of a bitch doesn't!

2. Either kill me or destroy the world so we all die.